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Cambridge and Back to London

I went back to London last Friday and Saturday with a few of my friends that I met here at Cambridge. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to walk around the University of Cambridge and take photos for posting. The University is comprised of thirty-one separate colleges, and my ambition urges me to examine every single one of them. I have not yet found the time to do it, but I hope to finish the task soon.

The reason why I stayed over in London for a night, even though I have been to all the tourist spots, was because that I simply love the city too much. A casual stroll along the River Thames is enough to enjoy both the historical and current, globalist significances of this country. The city is always filled with liveliness and diversity, and every corner has something new for one to do. I took my friends on the same path that I would walk nearly everyday when I was in London alone--starting from London Victoria station, down to the Buckingham Palace, across St. James's Park, down to the Whitehall/10 Downing Street, turn left towards Westminster Abbey, down to Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster, then finally cross the Westminster Bridge to the London Eye Pier. This path is a comprehensive route that covers many famous sights in Central London (besides the Tower of London and Tower Bridge; they are a bit isolated from the center).

We left London on Saturday evening through King's Cross station. I was able to instantly recognize the familiar structure with memories of Harry Potter, in which a tiny clocktower stands in front of the main entrance. Inside the station, everything appeared new and renovated, so new to the point that it looked fancier than an airport. Of course, my friends and I were eager to find the famous Platform 9 3/4 with its famous half-hidden trolley in the wall. As we walked onto the platforms of the National Rail trains, I instantly recognized the roof to the platforms, again through memories of Harry Potter.

Through the train ride, I saw a couple specialties of Europe that I've always wanted to see--the wide, flat, lush green fields and the juxtaposition of the moon and the sunset. During the summer, the sun sets around 10pm everyday, and it's a phenomenal sight to see both the moon and the sun shining brightly in the sky, not overtaking each other's presence but each retaining its own spotlight. I hope I can take a photo of this before I leave in August.

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