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[18 Jun.] Leaving

As a college student entering Junior year, I think it is natural for me to begin spending time outside of the comfort of my home more and more. This summer, I am proud to say that I will be conducting industrial economics research at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, and I will be leaving in exactly a week from today.

Am I excited? Heck yes! This will be my first time in Europe, and I can't wait to take new photos at locations I have yet to explore. In addition to my research, I will be taking two classes there; one economics/business course and one philosophy. I am extremely privileged to be able to study and conduct research at one of the most ancient universities in the world.

Am I also nervous? Of course! In fact, I think I am more nervous right now than excited. What will I find there? What if I forget something important to bring? What if I get lost when I arrive? When if I arrive at the wrong day? (Strangely, Cambridge's website lists a different arrival date than the one posted by UC Berkeley.) London has been facing a higher-than-average rate of terrorism lately (in fact, three in less than a month), and my parents and I are quite unnerved by recent events. However, I keep telling myself to maintain positivity. After all, if anything, Cambridge is an hour away from London by the Underground.

Today is also Father's Day. Even though it was a mostly lazy day for me and my parents, I went to Ontario Mills (the local mall) to get a new Calvin Klein shirt for my dad (since Cathy accidentally ripped one of his shirts the other day) and the local bakery for a mango mousse cake. As I drove alone, I began to realize how little time I have left to spend with my parents this summer. It was almost haunting to think about because I will be gone from home the longest this summer. (I managed to commute from home for last summer's internship.) The realization that most of my friends back home are also leaving to places began to dawn on me also. It is crazy how fast time passes. In fact, I lowkey think that I am still in high school! It is true what they say, how the first twenty years of one's life is like a free trial, then everything after those will be cumbersome.

If you think this post's title is misleading, sorry (not sorry, BAHAHA)! I feel very melancholic thinking about how progressively less and less time I will spend at home each year. Next year, I might not even come home. It is ever more important for me to maintain viable and quality connections with my friends and family. Cherish the time I have left to physically be with the people I care about.

I will write a post everyday leading up to the day of my departure. I will do my best to update this blog often at Cambridge, but who knows how busy/lit I will be. Also, needless to say, there will be TONSSSSS of photos to come!

#england #cambridge #abroad #leaving #travel #photography

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